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Call for new standards for rat, mice and mole traps
Call for new standards for rat, mice and mole traps
Oxford University’s Dr Sandra Baker has called for all moles traps and all break-back traps for rats and mice to be approved before they can be sold in the UK. Highlighting the double standards currently in place whereby all other spring traps must be welfare approved, she argued that research completed by her team makes a strong case for all traps to be tested and welfare approved before being marketed.
Bed bugs: A global epidemic? Discuss
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A photo roundup of ICUP held in Birmingham
At Pest magazine we were lucky enough to be at the recent Inter...
Delegates and speakers from across the globe attend ICUP 2017
First new class of insecticide for malaria prevention for 30 years
Global Pest Management Coalition formed
Henry Mott elected chairman of CEPA
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