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New to the UK market and on show at PestTech was Black Pearl – a new mouse bait formulation containing micro-encapsulated alphachloralose.

Marketed by Lodi-UK, the unique Black Pearl micro-encapsulation of alphachloralose attracts and controls mice very quickly – certainly the fastest of any mouse bait in the UK.

With alphachloralose as the active ingredient, this means that mice resistant to the other available anticoagulant rodenticides baits are controlled with Black Pearl. Not only are they controlled – but the formulation works especially quickly.

Black Pearl is manufactured using new patented active capsulation technology – a process by which the active ingredient molecule is surrounded, or coated, with a continuous film of polymeric material. The encapsulation of the alphachloralose ensures that a mouse can neither taste nor sense, the active ingredient and so will very quickly consume a lethal dose.

Once eaten, the mouse is immobilised almost instantly. The mouse drifts into a coma, followed by death. It can be so quick, they can be found dead right next to the bait station.

The formulation also works in all temperature extremes.

Black Pearl is available as a paste bait in 1kg buckets. The paste bait is a highly attractive bait formulated from a blend of premium grade cereals, mulched and mixed together to give superior performance.

Black Pearl is also available as a wholegrain bait, again in 1kg tubs.

On display on the Lodi stand at PestTech, Black Pearl certainly caused considerable interest.

As Ross Goodman, the business development manager for Lodi explains: “Talking to pest controllers on our stand, they particularly liked the fact that Black Pearl works very quickly and the effects can in some circumstances be seen within hours. This allows certain serious, or problem issues, to be resolved very fast. Also appealing to professional pest controllers is that alphachloralose has very little cumulative residual effect and so reduces the danger of secondary poisoning, compared to some anticoagulants.”

Black Pearl is only for use indoors by professional pest controllers.

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Black Pearl at PestTech

Lodi business development manager,
Ross Goodman, shows-off a paste bait sachet at PestTech

Black Pearl Paste Bait
Available in two formulations -
Paste bait ...

Black Pearl Grain Bait
...and Grain bait



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