Battersea’s rodent control campaigns

The Battersea dogs & cats charity’s recent campaign to find homes for some of its more independent feline charges caught our attention and raised a smile in the Pest office.


The advert, right, looking for homes for rural mousers, appeared in Farmers Weekly and other rural and countryside magazines.

We don’t know how successful the campaign has been but we suspect the felines won’t be putting too many professional pest controllers out of work!

In a similar vein we also came across an article in the Windsor Observer in which Old Windsor's cat sanctuary was offering to help MPs facing a growing mouse problem in the House of Commons.

The cat sanctuary is affiliated to Battersea dogs & cats home. A spokesperson explained: “Battersea was the first choice for Downing Street, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and the Cabinet Office when they sought our mousers to help with their own rogue rodents.

"We'd be more than happy to help the Houses of Parliament recruit their own chief mousers to eliminate their pest problem and restore order in the historic corridors of power."

Read the full Old Windsor cat sanctuary story here.


Rural mousers

Old Windsor felines

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