Grant funding supports humane pest control technology

An Isle of Wight-based pest control business has launched an innovative humane pest control system with the help of matched grant funding from the island’s Rural Business Resilience Fund.

Good Nature Traps UK

Island Echo reported that Hillbans Pest Control is now using rodent traps from Good Nature Traps UK, a new product that is poison-free, humane and non-toxic that eliminates the possibility of secondary poisoning and allows an environment where native species can survive, thrive and flourish.

Sandra Knowles, managing director of Hillbans Pest Control, said: “The current crisis has brought enormous change to people’s lives, including a shift by many to rethinking how we live and particularly the use of products that may harm our planet and our environment.

“This is not a new way of thinking by any means, however more and more of our customers are requesting a treatment programme which aligns itself with this ethos of being as harmless as possible to the land and to nature."

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