Pest Test Issue 52: August & September 2017

Read through our articles on tropical diseases (page 21), bed bug efficacy testing (pages 29-31), the bed bug debate (page 35) and Asian hornets (pages 38-39) in this issue of Pest and answer these questions:

When you have ticked all your answers press the Submit button. If you are correct you will be asked to provide your details so that we can enter your results into the PROMPT records held by BASIS.
1: What percentage of the global burden of communicable diseases does Dr Drexler estimate are vector borne?
7% 27%
17% 37%
2: For bed bugs, what resistance ratio with deltamethrin does EPA consider acceptable?
10x 1,000x
100x 10,000
3: How much does Stephen Doggett estimate that one residual bed bug efficacy trial would cost under the draft EPA guidelines?
£13,000 £150,000
£130,000 £300,000
4: Which is the only country that ICUP delegates felt is getting on top of bed bug infestations?
North America Australia
Norway The Philippines
5: How many queens are typically found in an Asian hornet’s nest?
A single queen Multiple queens
A pair of queens They are all queens
6: When were the first Asian hornets recorded in France?
2000 2006
2004 2008

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