Pest Test Issue 56: April & May 2018

Read through our articles on 'Stewardship going well, but more to deliver' (pages 10-11), and 'Pesticide resistance: Should we be concerned?' (pages 16 & 17) in issue 55 of Pest and answer these questions:

When you have ticked all your answers press the Submit button. If you are correct you will be asked to provide your details so that we can enter your results into the PROMPT records held by BASIS.
1: What percentage of gamekeepers now hold a rodenticide stewardship certificate?
10% 37%
27% 60%
2: What percentage of pest controllers are continuing to use permanent baiting?
98% 41%
53% 37%
3: What is the latest date that the Government will fully evaluate the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime?
2020 2030
2025 2035
4: What proportion of houseflies on UK farms were already resistant to natural pyrethrins in 1993?
A half A quarter
Two thirds A third
5: Which of the following resistance mechanisms confers a very high level of resistance?
Detoxification Penetration
Mutated target site Behavioural resistance
6: What does CRISPR stand for?
Clever Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats
Clever Regularly Interspaced Slight Palindromic Repeats Clustered Regularly Interim Short Palindromic Repeats

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