Pest Test Issue 59 October & November 2018

Read through our articles on Permanent baiting (pages 13-15), Moths (pages 19 & 20), Urban rodents (pages 25-28) and New cockroach about (pages 30 & 31) and answer these questions:

When you have ticked all your answers press the Submit button. If you are correct you will be asked to provide your details so that we can enter your results into the PROMPT records held by BASIS.
1: Only two actives might be authorised for permanent baiting although not all products containing them will. Which two?
coumatetralyl & difenacoum coumatetralyl & flocumafen
bromadiolone & difenacoum brodifacoum & bromadiolone
2: In which area were the greatest number of webbing clothes moths caught?
North East England East Midlands
West Midlands South East England
3: What % decline did the small tortoiseshell butterfly suffer in 2018?
23% 40%
32% 73%
4: Which of these is not a bacterial pathogen?
Shigella Clostridium difficile
Toxoplasma gondii Escherichia coli
5: How many reported deaths were there in the US from food poisoning caused by salmonella bacteria?
200 400
300 500
6: What is the key distinguishing feature to use to identify Ectobius vittiventris from Blatta Germanica
It is much bigger in size It is significantly darker in colour
Its pronotum has no longitudinal stripes It moves in a different manner

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