Pest Test Issue 62: April & May 2019

Read through our articles on How low can you go (pages 8-11) and Knowledge is power (pages 14 to 17) and answer these questions:

When you have ticked all your answers press the Submit button. If you are correct you will be asked to provide your details so that we can enter your results into the PROMPT records held by BASIS.
1: How long does Alex Wade say a 25 ppm product will take to kill a 250g rate?
Twice as long A week or so longer
Only a day or so longer No difference
2: Which of the following companies have a full range of 25 ppm professional products?
Syngenta Lodi
3: What might happen to the authorisations for the 50 ppm single feed products next time they are reviewed?
Given a short 1 year approval Renewed for 10 years
Renewed for 5 years Might not be renewed at all
4: In which life stage does a cockroach require the most carbohydrate?
First instar Fourth instar
Second instar Fifth instar
5: What percentage of a naturally occurring cockroach population is usually nymphs?
10% 60%
40% 70%
6: Why can it be difficult to control first and second cockroach instars?
Not attracted to gel baits Naturally immune to baits
Don’t need to eat until older Rarely leave harbourage

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