A great deal of useful information comes into the Pest office or is found when we are out and about! We frequently post news stories about relevant books, leaflets, apps and other resources. But, finding this information, when it's needed and, quickly, at a later date can be difficult. That's why we've created this library for pest professionals. It's where we file all the useful stuff we come across and it's all searchable.

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CIEH: Management of invasive species of mosquitoes CIEH: Management of invasive species of mosquitoes
In the UK mosquitoes can create a distressing biting nuisance, but, with climate change the UK will be more vulnerable to the problems caused by mosquitoes. Mosquito control is becoming an essential part of professional pest management. This guidance note explains the public health risk posed by invasive mosquitoes and provides guidance on their management.
BPCA: National Survey of Local Authorities 2016 BPCA: National Survey of Local Authorities 2016
This is the fourth survey of local authority pest control undertaken by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). Using a Freedom of Information request all but 26 of the 390 district, borough and unitary authorities in the UK replied. The resulting 51-page report provides a wealth of information about public sector pest control. Of course, this is only part of the story. Similar data for the private sector is unfortunately not available.
Babolna Bio: RodentiScience Babolna Bio: RodentiScience
Based in Budapest, Hungary, Babolna Bio is a leading European pest control business with extensive in-house research and development facilities. This brochure outlines the company's innovative rodenticide product range which includes: Protect Sensation, a fresh bait with the convenience of a wax block and Aroma Permeable, a sealed unit to make handling easy and convenient but which also allows the scent of the bait to filter through and attract rodents.
Babolna Bio: Bed bugs and Biopren Babolna Bio: Bed bugs and Biopren
This informative 8-page, pocket-sized leaflet from Babolna Bio provides useful tips on how to achieve successful bed bug control. It includes trials information on the effectiveness of Biopren 6 EC and, in particular, the insect growth regulator (IGR), S-methorprene, one of the active ingredients in Biopren 6 EC.
Unichem: Effect Microtech CS Unichem: Effect Microtech CS
A technical information sheet from Unichem on its Effect Microtech CS micro-encapsulated insecticide which offers both knockdown and long term residual activity for up to six months against crawling insects.
Unichem: Effect Ultimum Unichem: Effect Ultimum
A technical information sheet from Unichem on its Effect Ultimum contact insecticide which offers fast knockdown and residual activity against flies, ants, cockroaches and bed bugs.
Killgerm: Quick rodenticide guide Killgerm: Quick rodenticide guide
This pocket-sized water and tear proof guide clearly and concisely lists all the rodenticides sold by Killgerm and then details by active substance where they can or cannot be used ie: indoors; in and around buildings; open areas; waste dumps; sewers; and/or both indoors and outdoors. To make it even more helpful, all the products are presented by type: acute; first and then second generation, along with details of each of their % active ingredient content

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