Worcester City Council increases budget to control gull numbers by £35,000

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A city where its claimed residents are being kept awake by gulls is increasing its budget to control numbers.

In recent years Worcester City Council has removed nests, used hawks and installed steel cages over nesting sites to control populations.

Now it is set to increase its budget by £35,000 to tackle the gull population which it has accused of displaying aggressive behaviour – it will mean that £70,800 will be allocated to tackle the problem.

“Gulls are protected under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, so the measures we take are licensed by Natural England and we also work with partners such as the British Trust for Ornithology,” Cllr Andy Stafford said.

“Gulls in the city create many problems, with their calls keeping residents awake at night, their droppings presenting health problems, and their aggressive behaviour causing intimidation and occasionally injury.”

In 2021-22 financial year, Worcester City Council spent £35,000 to control gulls, but received an extra £40,000 as part of the budget. The £75,000 is said to have helped limit the growth in the birds’ numbers to around 29 pairs a year.

The environment committee will considers the proposal on Tuesday, November 1.

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