About Us

Together Pest magazine, Pest e-news and the Pest website deliver a mix of unbiased news, impartial advice and topical technical features for pest professionals in the UK and internationally. We work hard to be as inclusive as possible searching for news and views from all sectors of the pest management industry – private pest control companies, manufacturers, distributors, local authority units, facilities pest control, academics, regulators and consultants.

Pest, Pest e-news and the Pest website

  • Independent
  • Inclusive
  • Interpreting the news
  • Technically strong
  • Professionally produced

Founded in autumn 2008 by Frances McKim and Helen Riby, Pest and Pest e-news are now part of the independent, specialist business to business publisher, Lewis Business Media.

Our Technical Advisory Board

Technical accuracy is fundamental to our approach which is why we have established an editorial board of eminent experts to make sure readers can rely on the information they read in Pest.

On the board are:

  • Clive Boase
  • Dr Alan Buckle
  • Brian Duffin
  • Rob Fryatt
  • David Loughlin
  • Frances McKim
  • Dr Richard Naylor
  • Helen Riby
  • Richard Strand
  • Grahame Turner

Read more about our Technical Advisory Board members