Russell IPM

Russell IPM

Russell IPM’s full product range works to protect all stages of the food supply chain using systems that help to reduce the use of pesticides to maintain a safe, secure, sustainable and eco-friendly way of protecting food and other products from pest damage.

Pheromone-based technology allows species specific control of pests with little effects on beneficials. Furthermore, the airborne nature of the pheromone molecules mean that blanket spraying of chemicals is reduced to minimise residues on fresh produce.

For this reason, Russell IPM is proud to offer over 150 pheromone lures for the management of agricultural and commercial pests.

The Russell IPM headquarters and main production facilities are based in Deeside in the UK. In addition, there are five marketing subsidiaries in Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan and Bangladesh.

Russell IPM, however, has global outreach through working closely with distribution partners to supply a range of insect monitoring and control products worldwide.