Helping a luxury car showroom eradicate an infestation and steer clear of rodents

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When Thomas Gath, from Leeds-based firm Vermin8 Pest Control, was called to a luxury car dealership, he quickly discovered a large rat infestation was ongoing.

Here, we discover how Thomas used the award-winning cholecalciferol rodenticide, Selontra to tackle the infestation.

Thomas Gath

The challenge
When Thomas received a phone call and learned that something had been eating the stored sugar for the onsite coffee machine, he had his suspicions about what it could be. When he visited the site, a business that sold luxury cars, his suspicions were confirmed when he spotted entry points nearby that rats had been using to gain access inside.

In addition to the potential risk to public health posed by contaminated sugar, the dealership also housed an array of high-value vehicles, which could offer an ideal environment for rodents to shelter and establish nests. Recognising the urgency of the situation, Thomas knew he had to act fast to contain the rats and halt the infestation.

Having used Selontra before, Thomas was aware of the efficacy the cholecalciferol rodenticide offered and knew using it here would be his best mode of action for quick and long-lasting results.

Thomas said: “After assessing the site, I estimated there to be up to 100 rats present in and around the building, so quickly got to work. I installed 20 rodent boxes around the perimeter of the building, while securing and covering baits internally where activity had been found.

“I knew I needed Selontra for this job, I needed to regain control of the infestation as fast as possible, and with Selontra’s high palatability I knew this would be achievable.”

Thomas was also aware of Selontra’s stop-feed effect and knew that rodents that had consumed a lethal dose of the cholecalciferol rodenticide, would stop feeding and moving around the site within 24 hours.

The result
With the bait boxes set-up and stocked, Thomas returned to the site days later and noted that all bait points had been successful, with significant consumption of the bait inside.

He said: “I rebaited each box and left the site – it was evident that the rodents had found the bait boxes and were taking the Selontra. I revisited the site the following week and all fresh bait remained untouched. It was then clear to me that the infestation had been eradicated. I was so impressed with the results and that it took me less than 10 days to gain control with Selontra.

“I sealed all the entry points to prevent further issues down the line, but because of the speed I gained control of the infestation, I now have a monthly contract with the company and will continue to provide pest control monitoring and preventative services.

“Due to the fantastic results I continue to have with it, I now use Selontra on almost all of my rodent jobs due to its ability to quickly regain control, saving me time, money and resources!”

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