Key Supporters

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At Envu we have a vital role and responsibility as we safeguard and strive to advance the health, hygiene and safety of people all over the world, sustainably.
PelGar International
PelGar International is the leading British manufacturer of highly effective rodenticide and insecticide products for the control of public health and farming pests around the world.
Russell IPM
Russell IPM’s full product range works to protect all stages of the food supply chain using systems that help to reduce the use of pesticides to maintain a safe, secure, sustainable and eco-friendly way of protecting food and other products from pest damage.
Bábolna Bio
With more than 45 years’ experience, Bábolna Bio has gained a leading role in the field of large scale, centrally organised pest control, as well as in the production and sales of pesticides.
Pelsis are one of Europe's leading distributors of pest control products and hygiene products. They are an expert in pioneering new products in the market, offering well-known industry leading brands alongside newly developed products to meet the demands of the dynamic pest control environment. Pelsis are at the forefront of new product development, creating problem solving products based on expert technical insight, the ever changing pest control environment and consumer needs.
While pests create hygiene problems, pre and post-harvest losses, damage buildings and transmit diseases, BASF is delivering solutions to address these challenges in urban and rural pest control to keep homes, food establishments and businesses clean and pest-free.
We are a global organisation and we are extending our reach around the world. We understand the global challenges of pest control, but also aim to tailor what we do to the local needs of our customers.
Bell Laboratories
At Bell Laboratories, we focus our resources exclusively on developing the most effective rodenticides and other rodent control products for the global market.
Lodi UK
Lodi UK is a subsidiary of Lodi Group, one of Europe’s largest family-owned manufacturers of pest control chemicals. Lodi UK was established in the West Midlands in 2004, growing from strength to strength to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers into the professional, agricultural and retail sector.