We are a global organisation and we are extending our reach around the world. We understand the global challenges of pest control, but also aim to tailor what we do to the local needs of our customers.

Syngenta has a smart product portfolio you can trust. We are known for effectiveness, innovation and products that deliver and we are continually working to address new challenges by developing and expanding our product range to combat all kinds of pest issues, responsibly and efficiently.

We are dedicated to pest management professionals and we think beyond our products to find ways to help distributors and pest management professionals build their businesses, by supporting the industry in general and through tailored training.

Syngenta understand the needs of both the pest controllers and their end customer. Our products and services will help pest controllers carry out their job quickly, effectively and unobtrusively.

We have a dedicated vector control business. In those areas of the world affected, we have the means to control pests that transmit harmful human and animal diseases, making a positive difference to the lives of millions of people.