A great deal of useful information comes into the Pest office or is found when we are out and about! We frequently post news stories about relevant books, leaflets, apps and other resources. But, finding this information, when it's needed and, quickly, at a later date can be difficult. That's why we've created this library for pest professionals. It's where we file all the useful stuff we come across and it's all searchable.

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Government Response to CRRU stewardship report Government Response to CRRU stewardship report
This short, 12-page document gives the Government Oversight Group's response to the UK Stewardship Regime's 2017 Annual Report. The Group is largely satisfied with progress and describes the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime as 'fit for purpose'.
CRRU: Anticoagulant resistance in rats & mice in the UK 2017 CRRU: Anticoagulant resistance in rats & mice in the UK 2017
This new study by Reading University has identified the massive extent of L120Q resistance in rats across the whole of central southern England. Unfortunately lack of sample availability means data is not available to determine the extent of resistance across the UK generally.
CRRU UK: Annual Report 2017 CRRU UK: Annual Report 2017
The UK Stewardship Regime 2017 Annual report from the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use details the achievements from the first full year of the stewardship. The 36-page A4 report includes summaries from all the research projects commissioned by CRRU including the Knowledge Attitude and Practice study which reveals some encouraging signs that attitudes are changing.
BL Group: Aquatain AMF and Aquatain drops BL Group: Aquatain AMF and Aquatain drops
A technical leaflet in English and Italian from the Bleu Line (BL) Group on these unique, eco-friendly products to control mosquito larvae. The document details how Aquatain works how to apply the AMF liquid and the drops and what results to expect.
B.L.Group liquid application by drones B.L.Group liquid application by drones
This four-page, dual language (English and Italian) booklet provides details of the Drone MG-1 and the Drone MG-1S. These large robust drones are now being recommended by Bleuline - B. L. Group for the application of the mosquito control product, Aquatain AMF.
Rat Land Rat Land
This report, produced by London Assembly member Susan Hall, concludes that London's rodent problem is on the rise. Using freedom of information requests, all 32 London boroughs were asked how many rodent complaints had been reported to them over the past five years. The report goes on to look at the possible consequences for local authorities who do not address the problem, as well as exploring what other cities have done about similar issues in Europe.
RatWall: Rat facts infographic RatWall: Rat facts infographic
Produced by Metex, in support of their Ratwall product, this infographic provides a useful source of rat information 'under one roof'. Everything including their structure and biology is covered, along with population statistics detailed by Dr Dave Cowan of the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) who breaks the total down by location – homes, commercial premises, rural environments and sewers in towns and cities.

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