A great deal of useful information comes into the Pest office or is found when we are out and about! We frequently post news stories about relevant books, leaflets, apps and other resources. But, finding this information, when it's needed and, quickly, at a later date can be difficult. That's why we've created this library for pest professionals. It's where we file all the useful stuff we come across and it's all searchable.

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CRRU: Guidance for Internet sales of rodenticides in the UK CRRU: Guidance for Internet sales of rodenticides in the UK
This short two-page A4 document does exactly what it says on the cover, it offers great guidance to anyone selling rodenticides online. It has now been updated to include the new lower concentration products (less than 30ppm of active substance) and the smaller maximum pack sizes for amateur users.
RAMPS UK: Bulletin 11 RAMPS UK: Bulletin 11
A bulletin from the Register of Metallic Phosphide Standards organisation highlighting new gas monitoring requirements. The new level of 0.01 ppm for phosphine clearance is required for all metallic phosphides used for invertebrate fumigation in the EU, whether for food or feed applications (as a Plant Protection Product) or as a biocide.
BASIS PROMPT and local authorities BASIS PROMPT and local authorities
A comprehensive leaflet from BASIS explaining eh benefits of the PROMPT professional register and how local authorities can gain by signing -up their in-house pest professionals and by only selecting contractors who are part of BASIS PROMPT.
RAMPS UK Bulletin 10 RAMPS UK Bulletin 10
A bulletin from the Register of Metallic Phosphide Standards organisation explaining how these fumigants are registered under two separate sets of regulations, the Plant Protection Product regulations and the Biocidal Product regulations. The booklet introduces the concept of label tags which has been agreed with the Health & Safety executive to ensure all products have up to date label information attached.
Bats and pest control Bats and pest control
This 9-page leaflet from the Bat Conservation Trust is written specifically for pest controllers faced with the problem of bats, or where bats roost. Most importantly it summarises the legal position of this protected species. It advises what to do if other pests are also encountered – such as rodents, wasps, flies and, specifically, cluster flies.
CropLife: Rodenticide resistance management CropLife: Rodenticide resistance management
CropLife International which, as the name implies is primarily a farming-oriented trade organisation, is taking a much more active role these days in resistance management. Working closely with the Resistance Action Committees it has produced a new A4, full colour leaflet which provides a graphical representation of how rodenticide resistance develops.useful for those who are new to professional pest management and as an educational handout to customers.
CRRU: Gamekeepers advice CRRU: Gamekeepers advice
This A4 booklet from the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) specifically targets gamekeepers giving information to help them control rats in line with the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime. It offers excellent detailed advice for those involved in rodent control where breeding game birds is the primary objective.

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