A great deal of useful information comes into the Pest office or is found when we are out and about! We frequently post news stories about relevant books, leaflets, apps and other resources. But, finding this information, when it's needed and, quickly, at a later date can be difficult. That's why we've created this library for pest professionals. It's where we file all the useful stuff we come across and it's all searchable.

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SNH: Literature review re General Licences in Scotland SNH: Literature review re General Licences in Scotland
This 84-page scientific literature review was commissioned by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) to help identify which bird species should feature on the General Licences 1,2 and 3 in Scotland.
RSPB: Birdcrime 2018 RSPB: Birdcrime 2018
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)'s annual report on Birdcrime reveals that bird of prey persecution continues to be rife with birds being illegally shot, trapped and poisoned.
BPCA: General Licence decision tree BPCA: General Licence decision tree
A useful infographic on the bird General Licence situation in England published by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).
Roamwild wildbird survey 2019 Roamwild wildbird survey 2019
Roamwild, a manufacturer of bird feeders designed to repel squirrels and large birds, surveyed 1,000 customers about which they thought were the most common, and which were their favourite, wild birds in the UK. This chart shows the results.
inPEST 2019 product catalogue inPEST 2019 product catalogue
The inPEST catalogue from Italian company, GEA, lists a wide range of innovative rodent and insect monitoring traps, rodent bait stations, pheromone products, dry fog systems, bird repellents, UV flykillers and more.... It's a comprehensive catalogue of all all the products in the inPEST range. .
BL Group: Natural products 2018 BL Group: Natural products 2018
This 24-page full colour catalogue details the full range of natural pest management products produced by the Italian company, Union Bio, and available exclusively from the B L Group for the international market.
BL Group: Export product catalogue 2018/19 BL Group: Export product catalogue 2018/19
The Italy-based, BL Group, has been published its 2018/19 92-page export product catalogue. It is packed with brief descriptions of all the products that the BL Group supplies to countries outside Italy, including ecological control products, rodenticide products, attractants and bait stations, application equipment, bird management deterrents, larvicides and insecticides as well as a wide variety of traps and accessories.

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