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News from Bleu Line - BL Group – a bright future News from Bleu Line - BL Group – a bright future
Italy continues to have a strong manufacturing base of home-grown public health pest control specialists. With a major presence at the Italian flagship event Bleu Line - B.L. group is one such company. Whilst traditional insecticides and rodenticides continue to be important, innovative and greener products are opening up new opportunities. Key among these, as Giovanni Bazzocchi, co-owner and export sales director explains, is the novel mosquito product, Aquatain AMF
Moving on at PestTech Moving on at PestTech
The first seminar of the day at PestTech 2018 was billed as 'The industry moves on', so it was quite appropriate that Simon Forrester, who is himself moving on to new pastures in the New Year, opened the session.
Going digital Going digital
Electronic gizmos attached to, or built into, rodent traps that send a message to your SmartPhone, computer or tablet to alert you to a trap going off have been a feature at exhibitions for the past few years, as have management software systems tailored to pest control servicing company needs. At PestWorld 2017 however it was very evident that the race to use technology in all aspects of pest management has stepped up several gears.
Regulators see sense regarding insect monitors Regulators see sense regarding insect monitors
At its meeting held on 12 May 2017, the European Commission backed down on its proposal to classify the pheromones contained within insect monitoring traps as biocides.
Insect monitor madness - but you can help stop this Insect monitor madness - but you can help stop this
The European Commission is threatening the future of insect monitoring traps that contain an attractant. It’s not the traps themselves that have caught the Commission’s attention but the pheromones used in them to attract the insects to the traps and thereby turn them into such effective monitoring tools. But if we act IMMEDIATELY, there is still a chance that we can save these monitors.
News from PestFix  – see you at PestEx News from PestFix – see you at PestEx
PestFix looks forward to seeing you at PestEx where you can win a Handheld 100 laser, find out more about hot products such as the SolarFix which featured in issue 49 of Pest and meet the man behind the Agrilaser Autonomic.
Pest makes special award to Aquatain AMF Pest makes special award to Aquatain AMF
During the Parasitec event, Pest editors Frances McKim and Helen Riby were pleased to make a special award to the Italy-based company BL Group. The special International Best Product Award 2016 went to Aquatain AMF liquid mosquito film.

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