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The printed magazine, Pest, is published every two months. The print format allows us to get behind the news and provide analysis and interpretation, as well as in-depth technical and business features.

Issue 55: February & March 2018 Issue 55: February & March 2018
We report from the German flagship event, Pest-Protect, held in Bremen in January and preview the UK's PPC Live event which is rapidly approaching. Our main feature looks at the labelling changes for rodenticides and how the words 'May harm the unborn child' might affect rodenticide use. There's also an update on house mouse resistance and plenty of new products. Will one of these be the 2018 Pest Best Product Award winner - time will tell as the 2018 Awards get underway.
Issue 54: December 2017 & January 2018 Issue 54: December 2017 & January 2018
This is both our last issue of 2017 and our first of 2018, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all readers. Inside we report on the UK's new-look PestTech and review the global industry's biggest event, PestWorld. There are articles on changes for metallic phosphide users, pests & mental health and mole control. Plus the usual news and views...
Issue 53: October & November 2017 Issue 53: October & November 2017
As the world's biggest gathering of pest professionals convene in Baltimore for PestWorld 2017 our autumn issue reviews some of the global mergers and acquisitions that are shaping the future of our industry. We talk to a cross-section of servicing businesses about recruitment and the skills gap. Plus there's useful technical guidance from one of the world's foremost rodent experts on how to get the best from rodent bait boxes and more... Enjoy!
Issue 52: August & September 2017 Issue 52: August & September 2017
With so much dire news in the world: terrorists in Barcelona, Brexit woes and the recent antics in the White House, it is remarkable that in the 2017 National UK Pest Management Survey UK pest management professionals continue to have such a positive outlook. Issue 52 is also our bed bug special with plenty to report on this major global pest. Plus there's the usual news and interesting views; not least on better wasp management.
Issue 51: June & July 2017 Issue 51: June & July 2017
There is a bit of a local authority theme to this issue with a report on the latest survey of local authority pest control and a feature on how authorities up and down the country have responded to ever tighter budgets. Elsewhere the wasp season seems to have started, we take a look at how thermal imaging cameras can assist pest professionals and we home in on food allergies and their impact on pest control in the food industry. Plus the usual news and views and more...
Issue 50: April & May 2017 Issue 50: April & May 2017
We're celebrating our 50th. Yes, we have reached the magical 50 - half way to a century of Pest magazines! It seems like yesterday that we were holding meetings to assess whether there was an appetite for an independent publisher. Now in our 9th year it feels appropriate to thank all our advertisers, contributors, technical advisory board members and, of course, you, our readers, for all your support and encouragement over that time. Read on....
Issue 49: February & March 2017 Issue 49: February & March 2017
In the first edition of 2017 we look forward to PestEx with a comprehensive 7-page preview to help you plan your trip. Our technical spotlight falls on a new way to monitor biscuit beetle, we review some of the options available to prevent pigeons setting up home under solar panels and travel to Bristol to meet Octavius Hunt. Plus the usual news and views...

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