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The printed magazine, Pest, is published every two months. The print format allows us to get behind the news and provide analysis and interpretation, as well as in-depth technical and business features.

Issue 10: July & August 2010 Issue 10: July & August 2010
One big theme emerges in this issue. It's a well trodden path - professionalism, or the lack of it! There's a feature on pest control on TV which also touches on the dreadful practice uncovered by BBC's Rogue Traders. Then there's news of a new qualification for grain store advisers and a wildlife focus, including our front page story on urban foxes, read on...
Issue 9: May & June 2010 Issue 9: May & June 2010
With PM David Cameron warning the country to be ready for big cuts in public spending, in Issue 9 we look at how some councils are already tackling the challenge of providing an ever more cost-effective service. We also cover summer pests including fruit flies, wasps and feral bees, an evaluation of EFKs and much more...
Issue 8: March & April 2010 Issue 8: March & April 2010
We address two key issues in this edition - each the subject of ongoing battles. The first concerns Brussels, where legislators, it seems, are once again threatening to ban anticoagulant rodenticides. Go to page 7 for full details of this madness. On the same page we also have a report on the latest NPTA rodent survey. The second 'battle' is the ongoing quest to manage and control bed bugs. Starting on page 11 we have a 16-page supplement on this topical issue.
Issue 7: January & February 2010 Issue 7: January & February 2010
Welcome to the first issue of the new decade. Inside you will find a good mix of news and features. One new innovation for 2010 is the Pest Best New Product Award - a pest control Oscar - to recognise product innovation. It's your chance to reward those products you view as truly innovative so go on send in your nominations today...
Issue 6: November & December 2009 Issue 6: November & December 2009
What a year it's been here at Pest. We've taken our idea to publish an independent magazine, website and e-news and turned it into reality. At times we've been overwhelmed by the number of you signing up to receive our publications and, through it all, we've had unstinting support from our advertisers and our technical advisory board. We hope you enjoy this latest issue.
Issue 5: September & October 2009 Issue 5: September & October 2009
There's a heated debate about the impact of the BBC Rat Pack series on the professional image of the pest control industry. We asked all sides to tell us what they thought and they did - see pages 8-11! But is this anxiety misplaced? Do we really know what the public thinks? Have we ever asked them? Is there anyone out there willing to rise to the challenge and fund some market research?
Issue 4: July & August 2009 Issue 4: July & August 2009
Many readers will have been on holiday soaking up the sun abroad so it's appropriate that this issue has a strong international flavour. There's coverage of a massive new contract in Libya for Rentokil and details of a new idea from PelGar - the overseas emergency POD system. There's plenty of home news too. Adrian Meyer argues that something must be done to combat rodenticide resistance whilst this month's Pest Test, worth two BASIS PROMPT points, is on clothes moths. Read on...

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