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The digital e-news, Pest+, is published at least every two months – in the alternate months to Pest magazine. Special issues are also circulated to cover specific events or to announce significant breaking news. Pest+, delivered direct to your phone/email in-box, provides a quick round-up of the latest news with links to each story in detail.

Pest+ Issue 48 - November 2016 Pest+ Issue 48 - November 2016
In our November issue we review the seminars at PestTech 2016, bring you details of the new location for the 2017 event, announce the winners of the 2016 Pest Best Product Award and more...
Pest+ International PestWorld - November 2016 Pest+ International PestWorld - November 2016
We report from the world's biggest pest management event, PestWorld, which this year went to Seattle, Washington State on the the North West coast of the USA.
Pest+ Issue 47 - September 2016 Pest+ Issue 47 - September 2016
As we swing into autumn, this issue of Pest+ highlights the problems BPR is causing the bird gel products in the UK and reminds UK pest professionals of the new requirements for proof of competence that come in on 1 October. Of global interest is the acquisition of Monsanto by Bayer and a reminder of the autumn pest management events in UK, mainland Europe and the USA.
Pest+ Issue 46 - July 2016 Pest+ Issue 46 - July 2016
This edition of Pest+ is a shining example of the massive impact the Internet has had on the way we work. Whilst the stories have all been researched and written by Pest editor Frances McKim, the finishing touches to this issue have all been done remotely by associate editor, Helen Riby, who is currently visiting family in Brisbane, Australia.
Pest+ Issue 45 - June 2016 Pest+ Issue 45 - June 2016
Our June e-news asks you to let us know how you got into pest control and what you did before you made a career managing pests. We also bring you important news on UK rodenticide stewardship and on European CEPA certification as well as news of globally important bed bug research. Read on...
Pest+ Issue 44 - March 2016 Pest+ Issue 44 - March 2016
In our spring issue of Pest+ we review the second PPC Live event held in Peterborough UK and the 12th Fumigants & Pheromones conference which this time went to Adelaide, Australia. We also have news of rodenticide stewardship and of recent progress in mosquito control in the wake of the Zika outbreak.
Pest+ International Pest-Protect 2016 Pest+ International Pest-Protect 2016
We report from the first big European pest management event of 2016, Pest-Protect, which was held in Stuttgart, Germany from 2 to 3 March 2016. There were some interesting new products, bed bug advice in the seminars and news of another company acquisition. Read on...

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