Senior Pest Control Officer

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Approx Salary: £22,911.00 - £26,317.00 per annum (subject to experience)

City of Wolverhampton Council

Post Designation: Senior Pest Control Officer for Environmental Services.

Job Purpose and Role:

  1. To undertake a full range of pest control operations for the implementation of measures to eradicate rodents, insects and other pests.
  2. As part of a consolidated service to undertake a full range of skilled and unskilled tasks required for the effective and efficient maintenance of the City, to include pest control, pest proofing of buildings, cleansing activities and horticultural operations when required.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To oversee the day to day deployment of Pest Control.
  2. The implementation of measures to eradicate rodents/insect pests including control measures in respect of feral pigeons and other vertebrate pests.
  3. In consultation with the Principal Officer the ordering and re-ordering of supplies, materials and equipment.
  4. Undertake the mixing of baits, preparation of poisons, chemicals and insecticides in accordance with the Service Group and manufacturer’s instructions, and the distribution of these materials to the Pest Control Officers.
  5. Maintaining the poison store, material store and mixing room in a clean condition.  The operation of an effective record of supplies, materials and equipment received, stored and issued.
  6. Undertaking regular checks of all equipment used in connection with the Pest Control services and ensuring that the said equipment is in proper working order.
  7. Ensuring that vehicles used by the Pest Control Officers are subject to regular daily maintenance checks and that the vehicles are maintained in a clean condition both inside and out.
  8. To maintain all necessary records, ensuring that they are complete and accurate e.g. site records worksheets, timesheets, customer survey forms and other records including chemical logs and vehicle checklists where appropriate
  9. The preparation of reports, letters, Notices and legal evidence arising from any of the above activities and if appropriate in connection with this the attendance at Court.
  10. To ensure that sewer rodent treatments and surveys are carried out in compliance with a predetermined programme.
  11. The organisation and supervision of out of hours work undertaken by Pest Control Officers/Animal Welfare Officers in connection with a Pigeon Control Programme.
  12. To actively promote the Pest Control services provided by the Division with a view to securing contracts for the control and eradication of pests.
  13. To assist the Senior Officer in the preparation of tenders for Pest Control Contracts and to ensure that all contract work is carried out in compliance with the terms of the Contract.
  14. Monitor the work undertaken by the Pest Control/ Officers.
  15. Assist with training of Student Environmental Health and Trading Standards Officers and others when necessary.
  16. Conduct surveys in respect of Pest Control Programmes when necessary.
  17. The duties allocated to this post are such that the employer may from time to time expect the postholder to co-operate in undertaking work outside normal working hours, in which case either time off in lieu will be given or an overtime payment made in accordance with the Scheme of Conditions of Service.
  18. To be fully aware of and comply with the administrative systems operated by the Division and the keeping of such records as may be required.
  19. To keep abreast of current practices in the area of pest control and animal welfare by the attendance of such courses, seminars, conferences as appropriate.
  20. In the event of the Rabies Emergency Plan being implemented, Pest Control Officers will be expected to carry out such duties as may be appropriate under the general direction of the Divisional Manager of Public Protection.
  21. The postholder must comply with the Council’s Equal Opportunities, Crime and Disorder Act and Health and Safety Policies.
  22. To carry out any other duties commensurate with the grade of the post subject to any reasonable adjustments under the Disability Discrimination Act.

This role is full time.

a) Royal Society of Health Certificate in Pest Control level 1 and 2 or similar.
b) Working in Confined Spaces Certificate.
c) Full Driving Licence.
a) Possession of English, Mathematics and Science qualifications at GCSE level.
b) Possession of an animal welfare related qualification.
HOW IDENTIFIED: Application form; Interview; Certificate.

Willing to undertake appropriate training as necessary.
HOW IDENTIFIED: Application form; Interview; Certificate.

In-depth knowledge and experience in the control of pests – minimum 2 years previous experience in pest control.
a) Previous experience of environmental protection related activities.
b) Previous experience of local authority enforcement activities.
c) Experience of dealing with members of the public or other representatives.
HOW IDENTIFIED: Application form; Interview; Demonstration.


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