A great deal of useful information comes into the Pest office or is found when we are out and about! We frequently post news stories about relevant books, leaflets, apps and other resources. But, finding this information, when it's needed and, quickly, at a later date can be difficult. That's why we've created this library for pest professionals. It's where we file all the useful stuff we come across and it's all searchable.

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Newpharm Professional Catalogue Italia 2019 Newpharm Professional Catalogue Italia 2019
This 148-page catalogue from Italian company, Newpharm, details the company's comprehensive product range of professional products for the agricultural and public health sectors.
CIEH Rat and Mouse Control Procedures Manual CIEH Rat and Mouse Control Procedures Manual
It is ten years since the Rat and Mouse Control Procedures Manual was first published by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health's (CIEH) National Pest Advisory Panel (NPAP) and a great deal has changed over that time. The newly updated version is now divided into two sections, Section 1 covering 'Methods applicable to rat and mouse activity in and around property'. This, as might be expected follows the CRRU Code very closely, looking at the range of control options available and how they fit into the risk hierarchy. Section 2 offers 'Advice on specific treatment scenarios', taking potential control exercises through from start to finish. There is also guidance on 'permanent' and 'long term' baiting.
CEPA Annual Report 2017-18 CEPA Annual Report 2017-18
The Confederation of European Pest Management Associations, CEPA, has published its first annual report since the change in secretariat. Readers may recall that from1 January 2018 Darwin Associates took charge. The report explains why four priorities underpinned CEPA`s activities in 2018 and why these will continue to dominate. They are: healthy cities, SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises), sustainability and Europe’s citizens. Whilst the report does tend to be in Eurospeak it is worth a read as how the industry is perceived in the corridors of power in the EU will impact our sector immensely.
CRRU: UK Rodenticide Stewardship Annual Report 2018 CRRU: UK Rodenticide Stewardship Annual Report 2018
The third annual report from the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use on the implementation of the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime. It reviews the key activities implemented in the year, summarises the monitoring reports from independent contractors and concludes that all professional rodenticide users must continue to work hard to implement stewardship as there are now just two more years in which to show that the regime has made significant progress towards it aims to change user behaviour and reduce residues in wildlife.
Babolna Bio: 2019 catalogue Babolna Bio: 2019 catalogue
Hungarian manufacturer Babolna Bio's new professional products catalogue includes the company's full range of in-house manufactured rodenticides and Insect Growth regular (IGR) products. The IGR range has products for fleas, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes. The catalogue also includes a range fo other producst such as rodent bait boxes, EFKs, application equipment and non-tox sticky traps.
Babolna Bio: Mosquito growth regulator larvicides Babolna Bio: Mosquito growth regulator larvicides
An 8 page, DL-sized technical leaflet from Babolna Bio on the use of the Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), S-methoprrene, for the control of mosquito larvae.
Babolna Bio: Fly control at animal breeding sites Babolna Bio: Fly control at animal breeding sites
An 8-page DL sized technical leaflet on fly control from Babolna Bio. It includes advice on the use of the Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), S-methoprene, for fly larvae control and information on a range of products, including non-tox products, for adult fly control.

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