Could you make a presentation at ICUP 2020?

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If you are involved in urban pest management research, or, perhaps, have a more practical case study that has lessons to share, now’s the time to speak up. The organisers of the International Conference on Urban Pests (ICUP) 2020 are looking for topics to be presented at their next event to be held in Barcelona, Spain. But hurry you only have until 16 September 2019 to submit your abstract.
An abstract detailing your work should be submitted via the ICUP 2020 website. This will then be considered by the organising committee. If accepted your paper will be presented at the event and published in the proceedings.

ICUP 2020 will take place between 29 June and 1 July 2020 at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Campus de la Ciudadela in Barcelona, Spain.

This is the 10th event in this highly popular series. It aims to offer a diverse programme that combines classical urban pest topics with new ideas and projects. The objective is to provide a stimulating scientific and technical forum on urban pest management. The programme will be aimed at the scientists and pest control professionals that come to Barcelona to share their work and meet their friends and colleagues.

Sessions will cover:
• Bed bugs;
• Invasive species;
• Rodents;
• Mosquitoes;
• Medical entomology including ticks and fleas;
• Xylopagous insects, particularly termites and wood boring beetles;
• Flying insects including wasps;
• Crawling insects;
• Birds;
• Chemical and non-chemical control;
• Complementary technology including GIS, monitoring tools and citizen science;

Accepted authors will be contacted in November with the final manuscripts due by 30 January 2020.

Pictured below are views of Barcelona, one of the most cosmopolitan, historical and thriving cities in Europe and delegates and speakers from ICUP 2017, which was held in Birmingham, England 

 Barcelona beach  Barcelona cathedral  Barcelona architecture
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