Krakow in Poland becomes pest control hub!

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For two months this year Krakow became a hub for pest control events. ConExPest in May led the way and, at the start of June, it was the turn of the biennial Fumigants and Pheromones conference.

The latter was organised by Insects Limited of the USA in conjunction with ICB Pharma of Poland and
Pest Technical Advisory Board member Dr John Simmons of Acheta Consulting was a delegate and brings us this report. 

Since the inaugural Fumigants and Pheromones event in 1993, this conference has travelled around the globe.

It attracts a truly international audience. This year’s event was no exception, with 150 delegates from 36 countries, including representatives from every continent (bar the very cold one).

Reflecting the core business of Insects Limited (a major US pheromone formulator and products distributor), and its sister servicing company, Fumigation Service and Supply Inc, fumigants and pheromones are essential conference subject matter for these events. But these are certainly not the only topics covered.

Stored product pest control was a key theme of a number of presentations and, bucking the trend of most recent pest control events, bed bugs received only a passing mention.

The programme was truly diverse and included presentations by US-based, but globally known, pest control experts, Dr Bobby Corrigan and Dr Austin Frishman. The latter’s entertaining session (I have always been impressed by those who can hold an audience for 45 minutes without recourse to PowerPoint) included, for me, the quote of the conference.

Dr Frishman said: “The older I get, the wiser I get, the less I know I know”. He then went on to highlight how much he does know; but, knowing how little you know, is a sentiment that I can truly empathise with!

Complementing the conference itself was a gala dinner in the spectacular surroundings of the Wieliczka salt mine, and a sobering tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau museum. 


 Dr  Austin Frishman
Dr Frishman kept his audience enthralled for 45 minutes with no sign of a PowerPoint slide

 Krakow Pet-Dave Mueller
Representing the sponsors, Pete Mueller (left) from Fumigation Service & Supply with his father Dave Mueller who, as president of Insects Limited and Fumigation Services & Supply Inc, has been the driving force behind these events from day one

Saving a surprise, the venue for March 2016 was announced at the end of the conference. It is to be Adelaide in South Australia.

Being the only UK attendee at this event it would be nice to see a few more flying the flag next time; you can always tag on a holiday you know! 

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