New faces at PestTech 2012

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A quick glance at the exhibition programme shows there are six companies new to PestTech at the 2012 event. Here’s the low-down on what we’ve been able to find out about the newcomers.

Long distance visitors

All the way from the west coast of the USA comes Bird-B-Gone . The company was founded in 1992 and now claims to be the world’s largest manufacturer of professional grade bird deterrents. The company says that it provides effective solutions to prevent birds from landing or roosting in unwanted areas and that Bird-B-Gone products are the most specified bird control products by architects, contractors and government agencies worldwide.

Our products have helped solve bird problems in commercial, industrial and residential settings across the world. They feature industry leading guarantees and are manufactured in the US, ensuring they meet the highest standard of quality. Bird-B-Gone also has a devoted team of bird control engineers with over 90 years of combined experience to help answer bird control questions.

Bird-B-Gone logo


As the company’s director of sales Ian Rowsby says: “Bird-B-Gone is looking forward to exhibiting for the first time at PestTech this year and meeting new people. We are excited to be a part of the show.”

Travelling from even further afield is nanoTec International, a Korean company with a bird gel deterrent. Heard that somewhere before? But no this has nothing to do with that other optical gel product. PCS Gel, according to the company’s website, is a food grade thickening oil that not only repels birds but also rodents and termites.

Closer to home

BSA Guns is a Birmingham-based company and therefore one of the shortest distances to travel to get to the Motorcycle Museum. Despite a long history stretching back some 150 years this is their first appearance at PestTech. Speaking to their managing director Simon Moore, the reason quickly became apparent. The company has a new range of airguns specifically aimed at (or should I say designed for) the pest control sector.

These British designed and manufactured air rifles have a .25 calibre pellet which is 15% bigger than the standard .22. This gives them greater stopping power over short to medium distances and a reduced risk of ‘through and through’ i.e. the pellet is more likely to stay in the prey rather than going though the prey and risking damage to property. Complementing the air rifles is a low cost alternative to expensive night vision systems. The company is also able to provide pest control businesses with air rifle risk assessment training.


BSA Guns
BSA Guns has developed a special range of
air rifles for the pest control market

Trust K9 provides a bed bug detection service using the dog’s ability to sniff out live bed bugs and viable eggs. With five years experience and five fully trained dogs on the team the company has plenty of capacity. Trust K9 also now offers a treatment solution using the Dryair heat technology that was on display at last year’s PestTech.

As the company’s Mark Astley, who is also presenting one of the technical workshops, explained: “We’ve taken a stand at PestTech because we want to let pest control organisations know that our bed bug detection dogs and heat treatment solution are at their service and can be offered by them to their customers.”

Scarecrow Bioacoustics provides solutions to urban, rural and airside bird problems using species-specific recordings or distress calls to disperse the birds. The product range has been used in many different types of location: marinas, landfill sites, waste transfer stations, off shore oil and gas platforms, offices, warehouses, sports stadia and is effective against most problem species – seagulls, starlings, crows, magpies, rooks and pigeons.

As the company’s Danielle Rose explained: “We decided the time was right to attend PestTech as it will provide a great opportunity to meet customers and to raise the awareness of pest controllers generally about the benefits of bioacoustic systems and how they fit into integrated bird management programmes.”

Scarcrow Bioacoustics
Species-specific distress calls are used to
disperse problem birds

Northumberland County Council has developed its own App – the GPA (Geographical Pest Application) to allow its pest control officers to access their day-to-day work direct from their van via their Blackberry. This minimises the need to return to the office, reducing travelling time and fuel costs. It also offers a text messaging reminder service to home customers that a visit has been booked and gives customers 24:7 access to make bookings and pay bills. From a management perspective the system captures real time information and provides useful management and financial reports.

Go along and chat to senior pest control officer, Stephen Simons, about how it can help your organisation. Stephen will also be speaking about in one of the technical workshops.

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