New name and venue for Germany’s flagship event

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The German pest control association (Deutscher Schädlingsbekämpfer Verband eV (DSV) has chosen a new name, Pest-Protect, for its flagship exhibition, held every two years. There is also to be a new location for the event when it is next held on 2 & 3 March 2016. The new venue will be in Stuttgart.

The German event had previously been run under the name, Eurocido, but the rights to this name have never been owned by DSV. The current agreement runs out at the end of this year and, to cut a long story short, the association has decided not to renew the arrangement with frunol delicia GmbH, who own the name. Pest-Protect logo

Announcing the changes, DSV chief executive, Andreas Beckmann explained that the primary reason was the high licence fees that would have to be paid to continue with the old name.

“It was also difficult for an independent trade association to be closely associated with one single company,” commented Andreas. “We felt it was unfair to our other industry members and supporters that we were forced to mention the owner any time we used the word Eurocido as, in so doing, we were indirectly promoting that particular company. That certainly has never been and is not DSV policy.”

Introducing Pest-Protect
Explaining how the new name and new location were chosen Andreas said: “It was challenging to find a name that has a clear association with pest control and was also easily understood, in German and internationally. Words like ‘hygiene’, ‘bio’ or ‘bug’ were not available because of copyright issues. During the creation process we determined that the new name needed to promote the positive aspects of pest control. With the main target of our profession being to help customers protect goods and structures, we concluded that Protect should be part of the name. Adding the word ‘Pest’ meant it clearly identified what our industry does hence Pest-Protect.”

Andreas continued: “Parallel to developing the new name, we realised that we were not longer tied to the same old location in Dortmund, where to be honest, there were a lot of things that we had identified needed to be improved. So we started to look around for a suitable location.

DSV’s chief executive Andreas Beckmann

Stuttgart new castle
One of Stuttgart’s impressive historic buildings,
the 365-roomed new castle (Neues Schloss)

The new exhibition site had to be in an easy accessible location, convenient for all visitors to get to by car, plane or train and, of course, cost effective. We also wanted a modern well equipped hall and separate lecture rooms with excellent noise reduction. Moreover the new location and its town needed be attractive for our visitors and so that we could offer a ‘spouse programme’. Eliminating the unsuitable candidates, it became a head to head race between Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Berlin.

Stuttgart offers a great deal 
“In the end, we decided on Stuttgart. The key argument was the cost-effectiveness. Apart from this, the fair, location and concept were very convincing. There are flat screens to help visitors orientate themselves. There are various rooms, separated from the main hall for the talks and all with clear signage. The car park is under the fair building, consequently there are quick and dry ways to all levels and all the levels are connected by lift. People arriving by plane can get to the exhibition on foot and hotels are very close to the fair.”

Stuttgart itself is also worth visiting. DSV is being supported by the Stuttgart marketing agency which has promised help and advice for city visits and will help to promote the fair as well. One of our main targets in 2016 is to focus on the technical staff of our members. Also we will invite new recruits and potential recruits to the fair, to give them information about our profession; something which was just not possible at the previous location.

Andreas concluded: “It is a new beginning. Here at the DSV we are already enthusiastic and we are convinced you will be too. The DSV management is looking forward to an interesting and valuable trade fair 2016 in Stuttgart and to meeting you there at Pest-Protect.”

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