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Bob Rosenberg, NPMA executive vice president, opened this year”s PestWorld on 22 October with an update of activities regarding the NPMA strategic plan which was unveiled at the previous year”s event.

The plan was first revealed last year by then NPMA president, Laura Simpson, (click here for details) so Bob highlighted the considerable achievements made since then.

These included the creation and implementation of the association’s new logo and tagline ‘Our mission is your protection’ (as revealed in August – click here for details), the addition of new staff, an enhanced on-line web presence, finding ways to work more effectively with partners and the establishment of new conferences, such as the forthcoming Bed Bug Summit in Denver in December jointly with BedBug Central.

Also on the agenda was the creation of a new international task force which is proving to be one of the fastest growing of all the committees. Their somewhat ambitious objective is to ensure the future strength of the global pest management industry.

Vision 2020 initiative
Bayer sponsors this opening session and change was certainly in the air as Chris Pienaar, director of business operations for Bayer”s professional pest management and vector businesses outlined the thoughts behind their Vision 2020 initiative. His presentation illustrated how much change the world has undergone over the last ten years – take our reliance now on the internet and email as prime examples – but he pointed out that a society change offered us both fear and hope in equal measure.

“We must manage our fears and emotions so that we are open and receptive to change. Vision 2020 is the first step towards changing the future of the pest management industry,” he said.

Succession planning
Also held during PestWorld was the initial meeting of the NPMA Succession Planning committee formed to find a replacement for Bob Rosenberg who plans on retiring at the end of 2015. The Committee will begin soliciting applications for NPMA”s executive vice president position in October 2014 with the goal of making a final decision by July 2015.

At the Annual Membership meeting held on the last day, members voted unanimously to repeal the NPMA constitution and adopt a new set of bylaws.

Other highlights
The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) successfully demonstrated during PestWorld how they are growing the pie for the entire pest management industry in their pie themed booth and with a lively musical presentation, led by Russ Ives and supported by the PPMA Board of Directors.

No PestWorld would be complete without its motivational speakers. This year Jordan Belfort, an American author who was convicted of crimes related to stock market manipulation and running a penny stock boiler room for which he spent 22 months in prison, was the star turn.

Daniel Bajomi & Kevin Pass
Bob Rosenberg welcomes all delegates to PestWorld

Chris Pienaar highlights change

Led by Russ Ives, the PPMA board of directors receive a standing ovation for their rendition of ‘Bye bye American pie’

”Wolf of Wall Street” – Jordan Belfort

Billed as a motivational speaker and certainly blessed with ‘the gift of the gab’ he related his roller-coaster life story. Maybe his biggest claim to fame is the forthcoming film about his life – The Wolf of Wall Street – featuring Leonardo DiCaprio with no less than UK star, Joanna Lumley, playing his aunt.

Directed by Martin Scorsese the official trailer for the film can be seen here.

 Strng Theory
String Theory turned the conference hall into a giant harp with their innovative performance

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