Ban on snares and glue traps in Wales in UK first

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The use of snares and glue traps has been banned in Wales from today, in a UK first.

The Welsh government said the move marks an “historic day for animal welfare”.

Rural affairs minister, Lesley Griffiths, said Wales strives for the “highest standards of animal welfare”.

Ian Andrew, chief executive of the British Pest Control Association, said: “We have no doubt that this piece of legislation will adversely affect Welsh businesses and the public health of the people of Wales.

“We’ve done everything within our power to influence this legislation. However, much of our work has fallen on deaf ears. Despite providing compelling evidence and answering questions in a select committee meeting, our work was disregarded in the committee stage report.

“Much of the report’s findings were based on inaccurate information, which again, we challenged.”

Mr Andrew added: “The Welsh government have been entirely disinterested in protecting public health, even in the most high-risk situations.

“Rodent welfare has priority over human health in Wales – at least according to the government.”

Cardiff-based pest controller Gareth Davies, who owns Pest & Property Solutions, said he agreed with restricting the use of glue boards for professional use only.

“Cardiff City Council does not bait the sewers in Cardiff any longer and I know how bad it is underneath the city,” he said. “Sewer baiting was stopped by the council, I guess due to funding, so thank you Welsh Government on that one.

“We are trying to do this job with pretty much both hands behind our backs in the centre of a city where rats numbers are the worst I’ve seen in 34 years.”

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