BASF survey reveals 87% of pest controllers put the profession before their own mental health

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A BASF survey exploring men’s mental health in the pest control industry has revealed that over 87% of pest controllers have felt pressure to prioritise their job and helping customers, over their own wellbeing, resulting in worryingly poor mental health across the sector.

The shocking findings from the leading pest control solutions manufacturer, which have been released ahead of Men’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs from June 10-17, found that one-third of those surveyed would rate their mental health as poor.

As well as these alarming figures, the survey also found that 87% have suffered from work-related stress or anxiety, while two-thirds of pest controllers have experienced feelings of loneliness or isolation at work.

In fact, one-third of pest controllers surveyed shared that they felt their mental health has declined since working in the industry, listing reasons including financial strains, high workload, a lack of time, time spent alone, and problematic clients as just some of the reasons.

“In an industry where many are self-employed, spend long days alone, and are regularly dealing with customers in various emotional situations, being a pest technician can be incredibly tough,” said Laurence Barnard from BASF.

“What’s more, we know that there are specific challenges men in particular face when it comes to mental health, which is why we launched this survey – to gain an insight into the experiences of real-life pest controllers, and hopefully help raise awareness of these issues.”

He continued: “Sadly, three-quarters of the men we spoke to feel there is still a stigma surrounding the topic, but we hope these findings will help destigmatise issues that many may face and encourage pest controllers to reach out when they need help.”

Fortunately, two-thirds of those surveyed said they do feel comfortable talking to their colleagues or fellow pest controllers about mental health issues, with over 83 percent knowing where to access support if needed.

BASF will be sharing tips for managing mental health, resources and support systems, and advice from pest controllers on improving mental health throughout Men’s Mental Health Awareness Week on its Facebook page. Visit to follow along.

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