BPCA pens open letter to Welsh Minister for Rural Affairs ahead of Welsh glue board ban

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The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has written to Lesley Griffiths MS, the Minister for Rural Affairs in the Welsh Government, following the glue board ban, which comes into effect on Tuesday, October 17.

In an open letter to Ms Griffiths, BPCA pointed out that the association argued for a licensing scheme for pest professionals so the sector could continue to use the only means it has to catch rodents quickly in high-risk areas.

BPCA chief executive Ian Andrew said: “Now that the Agriculture (Wales) Act 2023 is in force, it will have inevitable consequences on businesses in Wales with high-risk food areas being severely challenged to maintain food security and public health.”

Ironically, Mr Andrew said, the only business that will likely benefit from the ban on glue boards will be pest management companies, as it will cost their clients with pest problems considerably more to get premises rodent-free and safe.

“We will monitor closely the impact of the ban on our members’ clients but the ban on glue boards will inevitably have an adverse effect on animal welfare,” Mr Andrew said.

“Rodent populations will increase while their food sources remain static leading to greater numbers facing starvation.

The increased use of biocidal products (rodenticides) will result in an inevitable increase in non-target species being poisoned – The Health and Safety Executive want us to monitor this closely.

“An increase in the use of rodent break-back traps will lead to more rodents suffering from foul catches.”

Mr Andrew said the Minister’s work on this Act has hindered BPCA members’ ability to protect Welsh citizens and, long term, it expects to see more rodent-based pathogens disproportionally harm Welsh people due to increased rodent populations.

“If any of the above causes concern, we will be happy to work with the Welsh Government to reintroduce access to rodent glue boards for pest professionals to maintain the public health and food security of the people of Wales,” Mr Andrew said.

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