BPCA publishes its manifesto for public health pest management

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The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has published its manifesto, ahead of the General Election on Thursday, July 4, which focuses on four areas for the new government to work on.

The manifesto recommends policies to protect homes from pests, for innovation through chemical regulation, to restrict professional tools to professional users and for the TrustMark scheme to be driven.

Protect homes from pests
Ian Andrew, BPCA chief executive, said: “You should not be putting somebody into a new rental property that’s got ongoing infestations, or has had a recent history of infestations.

BPCA has recommended the development of a PestSafe scheme to proactively keep homes pest-free.

“Make the scheme mandatory for landlords and social housing and encourage homeowners to demand PestSafe reports before they purchase a property,” Mr Andrew said.

Innovate through chemical regulation
This policy emphasises the need for chemical regulation to prioritise public health considerations while also fostering innovation in pest management.

Mr Andrew said: “BPCA strongly believes that the UK needs a joint approach between industry and government for pesticide regulation. Pests see no borders. Our members need to be able to travel between nations knowing that their toolkit is suitable and legal for whatever they encounter.”

Restrict the professional tools to professional users
This policy requires professional pest controllers to be licensed to practice.

Mr Andrew said BPCA’s membership criteria requires companies to be regularly assessed to the BS EN 16636 Standard in Pest Management and to only employ trained technicians.

Individuals need to hold the RSPH/BPCA Level 2 Award in Pest Management (or equivalent) and to carry out 20 hours of CPD a year.

“We believe BPCA standards should be the standard in the industry,” Mr Andrew said. “Through a licensing scheme, we can ensure our professional toolkit remains intact and accessible.

“The incoming government must define criteria for professional pest controllers and implement a licensing scheme to ensure that only qualified individuals can access the necessary tools and techniques.”

Drive the TrustMark scheme
This policy recommends that all government- controlled estates must choose a TrustMark- registered pest management company, wherever possible.

Mr Andrew said: “Encouraging the use of TrustMark-registered companies signifies a commitment to quality and reliability in pest management services.

“This policy seeks to elevate standards within the industry and empower consumers to make informed decisions when seeking pest control assistance.”

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