BPCA offers wasp advice for window cleaners

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Wasps can be a common hazard for window cleaners, particularly during the late summer months when a wasp colony is at its peak.

The British Pest Control Association is encouraging members of the Federation of Window Cleaners to be aware of the dangers posed by wasps and understand when to seek help from a pest management professional.

More than half of the UK is likely to be stung by an insect at some point in their lifetime. Most stings cause pain, redness and swelling. A small percentage can cause anaphylaxis – an allergic reaction that can be fatal.

Dee Ward-Thompson, head of technical at BPCA, said: “Starting off around the size of a golf ball in early spring, a wasp nest will be home to a solitary queen and a few workers, but as the colony grows, hundreds of wasps build the nest, which can expand to the size of a beach ball to accommodate them all.

“Each one is a unique piece of architecture that is home to around 5,000 wasps during the peak activity of late summer.”

While window cleaners will see a wide range of DIY nest removal guides online, they’re all very dangerous and not recommended by BPCA.

Ms Ward-Thompson added: “We always advise seeking help from a professional when dealing with nuisance wasp nests.”

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