BPCA publishes code of practice for pesticide waste disposal

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The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has produced a new Code of Best Practice on Pesticide Waste.

The new code has had significant input from regulatory bodies in all four home countries and covers all aspects of waste legislation, says BPCA. 

Disposing of recovered or redundant pesticides and their packaging is one of the most confusing issues that many pest controllers face, so this new best practice code should be welcomed by all in the industry.

The 12-page A4 booklet takes you through the hierarchy of waste, explains the concept of ‘duty of care’ and the difference between hazardous and non-hazardous waste. It also details the appropriate codes for pest control waste which must be used on all documentation and provides some very useful Appendices including a transfer note template, a hazardous waste consignment note template and a waste hierarchy policy template.

Unfortunately, but understandably as it has no doubt taken a lot of effort to put together, BPCA is only making the document available to members. However, non-BPCA members can sign-up to the free BPCA Affiliate Scheme, which only takes a few minutes. Doing so gives you immediate access to download the document. Just follow the links from the New BPCA Code of Best Practice on Pesticide Waste story on the BPCA website.

If you are already an affiliate then log-in and go straight to the news story in the members’ area where there is a link to download the code.


BPCA waste code
BPCA has published a new Code of
Best Practice on Pesticide Waste 

To find out more about this topic read the excellent commentary by independent consultant Richard Strand in Pest Issue 33 May & June 2014.

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