Welsh Parliament sets timetable for the future of glue boards

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The Senedd Committee is currently drafting its report following the evidence gathering sessions and this will be published and reported back to the Senedd by Friday, January 27.

There will the opportunity for members of the Welsh Assembly to debate the outcomes within two weeks of the report being published and it is expected this debate will be on Tuesday, February 7.

Amendments to the Bill can then be put forward by assembly members before the Bill comes back to the Committee around the end of February 2023.

Ian Andrew, chief executive of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), represented the pest control industry at a Welsh Parliament Select Committee recently, in the fight for glue board use.

Mr Andrew said: “The use of glue traps is to protect public health. When

rats and mice are out there, they’re doing their own thing; whenever they’re inside and in contact with humans, that’s when the issues start.

“The glue board is the only tool we have in our toolkit to catch a rat or a mouse quickly. There’s nothing else. We have other tools and they will control rats and mice eventually, but it’s whether you’re willing to wait for that to happen. So, it is an issue of speed.”

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