A day out reducing risk with Mitie at London Zoo seminar

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It might have been pouring with rain outside, but Mitie gave a warm welcome to well over 40 property managers at the first of their two client orientated seminars held at the London Zoo on 29 January.

Risk reduction
With delegates from companies ranging from such household names as McDonalds, to Selfridges and WH Smith there was a good mix within the audience. Appropriately, the venue itself – London Zoo – is one of Mitie‘s pest control clients. As media partner, Pest was delighted to attend.

Introducing the day, Habib Abdullah, Mitie’s managing director of pest control for the London region, explained how the aim of the seminar was to explore how pest control practices are changing for the better, whilst reducing the risk to the assets, the people or the products of commercial enterprises.  

Effect of legislation
First up was Peter Trotman, managing director of the Mitie’s pest control business who said: “Changes in legislation often brings with it more questions than answers.” He went on explain how the new EU Biocides Regulation which came into force on 1 September 2013 would impact on the lives of both practical pest controllers but also upon their property manager clients. Not least of which are the much reported potential changes surrounding second generation anticoagulants and the changed wording on product labels.

Danny Ashton, also from Mitie, treated the audience to a whistle-stop tour of the emerging bed bug problem and how Mitie was responding to this threat. Grahame Turner, Mitie’s relatively recently recruited technical manager outlined the other pests which are rapidly becoming pest problems – everything from tropical ants, to herring gulls and the now infamous false widow spider. Grahame also covered the various means available to manage bird problems should any of those present be faced with this challenge. As ever, it became clear this was a case of exclusion (by means of netting, scaring devices, spikes etc) rather than control.

When it can go wrong
Grahame was not the only Pest technical editor speaking, as Paul Butt of Natural England presented his characteristically amusing, yet at the same time deadly series message, regarding the inappropriate use and storage of pesticides.

Another seminar in Manchester
The day was well organised with plenty of time to chat to fellow delegates and exchange ideas. The programme is to be repeated on Wednesday 19 March 2014 at the National Museum of Football in Manchester. For further details, or to book a place, please click here.




Habib Abdullah (right) of Mitie with
Vincent Gwlazda from the University of Westminster 

Speaker, Peter Trotman (left) with MD of
Mitie Landscapes, Tim Howell (right) talking to
Nic Hatton, strategic marketing manager 

Mitie Seminar
Delegates listened intently…

Mitie Seminar
… before enjoying an informal lunch 

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