Bá¡bolna Bio celebrates its 50th anniversary

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Nearly 100 invited guests assembled on Friday 18 September to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Bábolna Disinfection Station – the predecessor of the company we know today – Bábolna Bio.
Appropriately the company hosted this special event at the site of the organisation’s original location – the town of Bá¡bolna (from which the organisation takes its name) some 65 miles west of Budapest, Hungary.

Originally established as the Bá¡bolna Pest Control Centre to deal with problems of rats and mice within the chicken houses on the Bá¡bolna state farm, over the years the business has split into two – the successful pest control servicing side which operates within Hungary and what is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and exporters of consumer and professional pest control products.

For a review of Bá¡bolna Bio’s manufacturing and marketing activities read our Pest report following a visit to their facilities in 2013.

Babolna GuestsSerge Simon (left) from Edialux with
Fred Hurstel of PestWest

Babolna Viewing ProductsFrederic Verwilghen checks some products on display

Babolna Guests MlMarie-Laure Biannic from Lodi with
her husband, Pascal

Welcoming their guests who came from accross Europe, joint managing director of Bá¡bolna Bio, Dr Daniel Bá¡jomi said: “We are well aware that in achieving our successes, the support and cooperation from our business partners has been a great contribution. So we are delighted to welcome you all today.”

The contribution of the Bá¡bolna company was in return recognised by Má¡ria Veresná© Szkocsek, the vice mayor from the city of Bá¡bolna. She thanked the company for its role in the local community saying: “Not only has Bá¡bolna Bio raised the profile of the city of Bá¡bolna, the company has provided employment and supported the city through its taxes. The people and the city wish to thank Bá¡bolna Bio.”

This ‘warm family’ feeling was further recognised when Daniel detailed that nearly 45% of the company’s staff had been with the organisation for over 10 years, with seven members clocking-up over 33 years – including Daniel himself at 42 years.

Já¡nos Daru, joint managing director, explained that part of this can be explained by the fact that since 2003 the company has been totally owned by the employees, with around 70 individuals accounting for the ownership. A highly creditable achievement from its original origins of state ownership.

Babolna Mayor
The vice mayor, Má¡ria Veresná© Szkocsek, thanked Bá¡bolna 

Babolna Plaque
Dr Daniel Bá¡jomi with a lucky horseshoe from the vice mayor

Balona Janos
Já¡nos Daru, explained how the company is management owned

The formal part of the celebration presentation was followed by an excellent tour and display of the horses from the Babolna National stud. Founded in 1789, the stud originally bred hours for the Hungarian Cavalry but is now most well known as the home of the famous Siglavy Arabian blood line.

Babolna Stallion
A magnificant Siglavy Arab stallion

Babolna Stud FarmThe scenic Bá¡bolna stud

Babolna Carriage Driving
A fine display of carriage driving

With the formalities over, guests were treated to a very convivial lunch where there was much exchanging of news and views from within the industry.We all wish Bá¡bolna Bio another very sucessful 50 years.

But no celebration would be complete without a cake!

Babolna Cake Alone

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