Celebration time – the Lodi Group’s 30th birthday

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Any excuse for a party? With staff who are always bright and cheerful, Lodi needed little excuse for a party at Parasitec – but a party to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company was a justifiable reason.

Lodi owes its origins to its founder Robert Lockman who originally worked in the French grain storage market. In 1982 Robert founded Lodi and successfully built-up the business in this market sector where it is still active today. Over the years products for use in animal health were added as was involvement with professional pest control. Overseas offices were opened, including a UK branch. This offshoot has flourished and since 2005 has been under the wing of Roger Simpson as managing director.

30 years this year
Celebrating this anniversary, founder Robert Lockman said: “I created Lodi in 1982 producing chemicals for the grain storage market and I’m certainly very proud of its development over the last 30 years. Lodi now operates throughout Europe in the professional pest control market with manufacturing facilities and offices in Brittany and Paris, as well as in Bucharest, Romania and in the UK. In total, we employ over 80 people within the group. As for the future, this looks very exciting with the development of new innovative products such as Black Pearl and Phobi Fenox. So here’s to the next 30 years!” Cheers Robert.

As mentioned in the exhibition round-up – click here – Lodi had an extensive presence within the exhibition. There were offices for meetings, but the bulk of the stand was devoted to lighter-hearted activities.

Who”s for a tattoo?
Drinking and eating featured highly in the bar area and there was a buzz here during the whole show. Alongside this was an area dedicated to two tattoo artists who, at the drop of a hat, would emblazon ‘I love Lodi’ on your forearm.

Now – don’t panic! Visitors didn’t all return looking somewhat suspect – the ‘tattoos’ were only paint and did come-off quite easily. Everyone got into the swing of things, and some interesting decorations emerged – see below!


Lodi Group logo

Robert Lockman
Lodi founder and owner – Robert Lockman.
Cheers Robert – congratulations

Roger Simpson
In charge of the UK, Roger Simpson gets the tattoo treatment. But what does it say?

 I love Pest!
Thank you Roger. I hope all our readers feel the same way.  
Love and kisses to one and all from Pest!

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