Ficam D to be withdrawn by January 2024

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Envu UK has announced the withdrawal of Ficam D from the market due to regulatory measures.

Ficam D is a ready-to-use dustable powder containing Bendiocarb for use indoors as an insecticide against ants, and for the control of wasps and hornets (nests), including Asian Hornets.

For over 40 years the product has been an effective and essential tool within the professional pest management sector.

Over recent years there have been significant assessments and investments, including changes to the product labelling in 2020, to keep the product available for pest professionals.

However new BPR registrations have now made it very difficult to keep products such as Ficam D on the market.

Professional pest controllers can still access Ficam D, which will remain available until January 31, 2024.

Paul Fisher, head of sales for UK & Ireland at Envu, said: “We anticipate that after this date there will be a 180-day sell out period for distribution, and another 180-day use up period for end users, which is yet to be confirmed.

“The withdrawal of a product is something we work very hard to avoid. We continue to defend our product registrations and remain committed to constant innovation and new product development to ensure our customers have the best possible solutions to help them protect public health.”

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