Key West Pest Control returns to work

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A Yorkshire-based pest control firm has today reinstated its services following a government U-turn to include pest management as an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since lockdown was enforced in the UK, Key West Pest Control has been unable to provide vital pest management and hygiene services to communities across the nation.

Sean McLean, chief executive at Key West Pest Control (pictured), said: “We are delighted with the Secretary of State’s confirmation that pest management is in fact an essential sector, but I’m disappointed that it took lobbying from the majority of the sector to achieve this confirmation.”

“We are used to the invaluable work we do going unnoticed, but many other countries recognised the importance of pest management during this crisis, so why didn’t our government?”

Mr McLean added: “People don’t realise that pest control is about more than treating an existing infestation, it’s about prevention of those infestations, and ensuring establishments, units, homes etc remain hygienic.

“We have a lot to offer during this unprecedented time; whether that’s keeping isolated people’s homes pest free, ensuring empty offices and warehouses are free of vermin, or keeping supermarkets in pristine condition.”

All staff have been given the necessary PPE and instructed to follow social distancing measures where possible.

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