Lodi team for the high jump!

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On Saturday 6 September a LODI UK team will JUMP out of a plane and sky dive 13,000 ft. Have these guys gone stark staring bonkers or what?

Not at all, Liz Webb, Hayley Fellows, Ross Goodman, Tony Knight and Roger Simpson are jumping for Macmillan Cancer Support and they need your support so, go on, get your wallet out!

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So, exactly what is it that’s made these normally very sane individuals decide to jump out of a plane for a cancer support charity? Good cause yes, but, hey, it’s pretty high up there!

Turns out there are two exceptionally good reasons because 2013 was a very tough year for the whole team at LODI UK. Two members of staff (Liz and Hayley) were both diagnosed with different forms of cancer.

Both felt like their whole world had been turned upside down by the disease but, with help and support from the Macmillan Nurses at New Cross Hospital, they have both come through all their treatment and they now want to give something back.


Liz Webb & Hayley Fellows
Liz Webb, left, and Hayley Fellows, LODI UK’s
sky diving girls

Naturally they looked to their colleagues for support and, clearly, Roger, Ross and Tony didn’t look away fast enough! No, seriously, these three were keen to step-up to the plate and take the high jump for a good cause even though, we hear, that Ross has a genuine fear of heights!

Macmillan Cancer Support helps so many people throughout the UK every day. People who are going through the trauma of cancer, those in remission and almost as importantly, their families.

LODI UK believes this is a very good cause and so do we. Liz and Hayley have each written a short story on how being diagnosed with cancer has affected their lives. Follow the links to read thier story and please donate whatever you can afford.

Every £1 will help and, don’t worry, you don’t have to tell the world how much you’ve donated.It’s a great cause so, what’s stopping you, every £1 helps. I’d like to donate now.


Lodi's Roger, Ross & Tony 
From left: Roger Simpson, Ross Goodman and Tony Knight, LODI UK’s sky diving boys

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