News from Octavius Hunt – fourth exhibition in a year

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The team at Bristol-based Octavius Hunt can’t believe that it’s only been a year since they exhibited at one of the professional trade shows for the first time.
In the 12 months since their first exhibition at Parasitec in Paris, Octavius Hunt has made their presence felt at PestEx in London, ConExPest in Poland and now, for their fourth outing, PestTech 2017 in Coventry.

Keeping in touch with customers
Sales and marketing manager, Jo Scutcher said: “The exhibitions are vital to keep us in touch with the industry. They are also excellent opportunities to speak directly to pest controllers and gain ideas and feedback on our products.”

Octavius Hunt is a smoke pesticide and disinfectant manufacturer based in Bristol and sells its products into distributors both within the UK and globally, as Pest discovered on a visit earlier this year. 

For those who don’t know too much about smokes, they consist of four elements: an active ingredient; a fuel source; an oxidant and an inert or bulk carrier.

StandThe stand at PestTech

HouseDisplays of a minature house, greenhouse and grain silo illustrated where smokes can be used

Smokes more eficient than similar treatments
PestTech provided the company with not only the opportunity to showcase their range but also to discuss why smoke pesticides are more efficient than similar treatments such as aerosols, foggers and water based smoke generators. “Many visitors to our stand mentioned these other methods but didn’t realise there were any significant differences.”

Jo explained: “Smoke particles are smaller than these other treatment methods, so our smoke generators offer optimum efficiency. The smoke generator’s efficient dispersion means it allows a controlled, even dose whilst ensuring a thorough treatment by depositing on all surfaces, including inaccessible areas. An added bonus is limited operator exposure.”

Mole smoke on the way…
As at previous exhibitions, there was a lot of interest in Octavius Hunt’s mole smoke. The team explained it is working on data to achieve a UK registration. Along with moles, cluster flies appeared to be the pest most targeted.

“Octavius Hunt’s permethrin and cypermethrin smoke generators are ideal solutions to a cluster fly infestation in domestic and commercial applications. We sell both products through distributors such as Bayer (Coopex), Lodi UK and Pelsis.

We also found visitors to the stand were keen to talk to their current supplier so they could include smoke in their treatment process,” said Jo.

Products Edited 1

Octavius Hunt’s permethrin, cypermethrin and
mole smokes

New managing director
Not only has it been a year since their first exhibition, but Octavius Hunt has also just announced the appointment of a new managing director.

However, it is a well-known face from within the industry. Nick Dale, who has been the technical director at Octavius Hunt for over 10 years, is now officially heading the team as MD.

This appointment is viewed very much as an important step forward for the company. “Nick is an integral part of Octavius Hunt and has had over 26 years experience with the company. He is a qualified chemist and has product development, regulatory and commercial knowledge and experience. We are all looking forward to working with Nick in his new role and continuing the momentum of growing both our product range and distributor network,” concludes Jo.

Nick VerticalNick Dale, the newly appointed
managing director

There will be another chance to catch-up with the Octavius Hunt team as they will be exhibiting at PPC Live in Malvern on 14 March 2018.

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