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A new Smartphone app, iPest plus, is now on offer for a free trial* to pest controllers who are interested in taking a step into digital pest control.
iPest plus, the digital pest control reporting app

Accurate, detailed and efficient visit reports are now available with the help of iPest plus. The app, which is available on all iOS and android platforms, uses your Smartphone to download a list of control points such as bait stations, traps, monitors or any pest control devices for which barcodes can be allocated and reporting is required.

This simple app is loaded with features which enable pest control companies, large or small, to provide customised visit report instantly at the close of the visit.

This report can be as brief or as detailed as the company may wish to offer its clients. The system is based on a cloud server holding all the historical data of its visits in a logbook.

This data is available at any time, to be presented in a useful form to help establish trends of any pest population, at any location or contract.

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All reports produced on the iPest plus app will be available in your secure online logbook

The end for clipboards
iPest plus has been successfully trialled in the UK and has proved to be useful to both operator companies and their clients alike.

As the iPest plus platform can be applied to any trap or monitoring device, it can effortlessly generate detailed auditing reports for multiple different control points straight from a Smartphone signalling the end of cumbersome folders, filing and clipboards.

Reports can be organised and scheduled in the online calendar, which can be made visible to the entire team.

Get to know more about iPest plus and bring intelligence to your pest management systems today, contact Russell IPM by email or call +44 (0)1244 281 333 about the iPest plus system now.

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All reports produced on the iPest plus app will be available in your secure online logbook

The use of Russell’s pioneering iPest remote rodent monitoring system is fully compatible with the iPest plus platform. What’s more, if you use iPest plus you can add the Russell IPM iPest remote monitoring system at any time you wish.

*Free trial available until 31 March 2016.

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