Peruplagas – South America gets in on the act

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Many of our readers will be very familiar with the events in Europe and the USA. So it is with pleasure we can include some coverage of a recent event held in Lima, Peru on 9 & 10 November.

International pest control
We have commented on several occasions how international professional pest control has become. So at Pest we are delighted to include coverage, sent to us by Stefano Scarponi, export sales director for Italian Bleu Line – B.L. Group, who is rapidly becoming our international reporter.

This was the second time Peruplagas had been held, the first time being in 2016. It is jointly organised by INRO, the Ricardo Palma University, the College of Biologists of Peru and the National Academy of Sciences. The objective is very much to raise the level of professionalism related to the integrated management of urban pests, exchange ideas and to provide a forum for the exchange of scientific and innovative strategies and products.

StefanoBleu Line – B.L. Group’s Stefano Scarponi, export sales director with Giovanni Bazzocchi, chairman,
who both attended Peruplagas

Exhibition and conference
To support this some 23 exhibitors from across South & Central America also took part in the exhibition which ran alongside the technical conference sessions. The target audience was the food, hotel, supermarket and agro-industrial sectors. So sessions covered the management of flies, cockroaches and stored product pests with the emphasis on integrated pest management. The problems caused by resistance were discussed as was the control of vectors of importance in public health.

Commenting on the event Stefano summed up his opinions saying: “This was an excellent event but it would appear some of the technology is a little behind the times when compared with the US and Europe. As Bleu Line we work with our distributor, Farmex, introducing Aquatain AMF and some other products currently undergoing registration in Peru. Atending also gave us the opportunity to meet other important distributors in South America, such as Chemotecnica, or the manufacturers equipment that we distribute in Italy as PulsFog.”

Many thanks Stefano for your report and pictures, as below, which capture this event.

Title 2 Audience Exhibition Area
Bayer Bell Linea
Farmex Plus Rat

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