Rentokil North America launches three new bird prevention products

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As temperatures rise and people spend more time outside, it’s inevitable businesses will face bird issues. Rentokil, a global leader in pest control, announced the launch of three bird management products to help alleviate bird issues for commercial properties.

The products, Optical Gel, Avian Block and Bird Out, are the latest additions to a line of integrated bird management solutions designed to protect businesses, and their people, while addressing bird issues through humane and safe removal techniques.

“For business owners and commercial property managers, bird management can be sensitive in nature as many species are protected by federal and state laws, and these pests are often viewed by the public as friendly creatures,” said Ian Rowsby, corporate bird division sales manager at Rentokil North America.

Each of the new products provide non-toxic solutions, and are EPA registered for use in commercial, residential and agricultural environments.

The three bird products include:

Optical Gel
Optical Gel is a multi-sensory, nearly invisible, repellent that can be installed in sensitive or key areas to prevent birds from nesting and landing on structures.

Avian Block
Avian Block uses a non-toxic, granule formulation designed to release an aromatic bird repellent into the natural air. The pouches are placed every 10 feet, covering 1,000 cubic feet, to help reduce damage caused by bird nesting and excrement.

Bird Out
Bird Out disperses a non-toxic, micro-mist solution into the natural air to help keep birds away from high traffic areas. The cartridges are placed every 20 feet, covering 8,000 cubic feet, to deter birds away from outdoor gathering areas.

Mr Rowsby added: “Business owners and commercial property managers can work with a trusted integrated pest management professional to identify the right solutions for their business’ unique needs.”

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