Rentokil unveils chemical-free solution for loading bays

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Rentokil Pest Control has launched Flexi Armour Dock, an advanced pest proofing product which can be installed to dock levellers in the loading bays of supermarkets, factories and distribution centres, to prevent rodents entering a premises through this vulnerable area.

Analysis of Rentokil’s own PestConnect data has revealed that over 30% of infestations occurring in warehouses, supermarkets and distribution centres originate in the loading bay area.

Flexi Armour Dock is made from a combination of Kevlar and knitted steel mesh, materials that are proven to be too strong for rodents to be able to gnaw through. It is designed to cope with the frequent operation of dock levellers and can be installed in a wide variety of sizes.

Paul Blackhurst, head of technical academy at Rentokil Pest Control, said that in addition to Flexi Armour Dock, facilities managers should also consider Flexi Armour Expansion Proofing, which can help to fill expansion joints in floors and walls of buildings or factories.

Mr Blackhurst said: “These expansion gaps can act as rodent ‘superhighways’ and should be addressed when pest proofing a premises.

“Dock levellers have traditionally been a challenge to pest proof as their constant raising and lowering creates a natural gap which rodents can explore. Flexi Armour Dock is the newest and smartest solution on the market for businesses looking to prevent rodent ingress. It saves time and money by reducing the frequency of cleaning required underneath a dock, and significantly helps to reduce access points to the wider premises.”

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