Selontra named Pest Best Product Award 2021 winner

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Selontra, the revolutionary rodenticide which controls rodents within as few as seven days, thanks to its extremely effective, highly palatable, and non-anticoagulant formulation, has been named Pest Best Product Award.

Anthony OHare, country sales manager for UK Professional & Speciality Solutions, said that Selontra’s highly palatable formulation offers a powerful solution for controlling infestations even when alternative attractive food sources are readily available, be it urban or rural settings.

There is no known resistance to its active ingredient, cholecalciferol, helping to break the cycle of resistance, and is neither persistent in the environment nor bio-accumulative, offering a fast, easy, and cost-efficient method of rodent control.

Mr OHare said: “Selontra is a truly innovative rodenticide bait as it contains cholecalciferol, which offers a different mode of action. It is effective on resistant rodents, breaking the cycle of resistance.

“It is readily metabolised and is effective by causing the rodent to have too much calcium in its system, and also has a stop feed effect which forces rodents to cease feeding once a lethal dose has been achieved.”

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