Silvandersson sold to Curtis Gilmore

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On the first day of the Pest-Protect exhibition in Germany, (2 March 2016) it was announced, or rather made more formal, that the well-known Swedish company, Silvandersson had been sold.
For some weeks it had been a somewhat badly kept secret that Silvandersson was joining the ranks of pest control businesses changing hands. The surprise on the day was the purchaser – Curtis Gilmore. The ‘hot money’ at the bookies had been on a different purchaser!

For those who do not recognise the Curtis Gilmore name, their other interests within professional pest control include B&G Equipment and Curtis Dynafog, both basically equipment manufacturing companies headquartered in the USA.  Silvandersson
But this is not their first recent acquisition. Curtis Gilmore has also just acquired the industrial monitoring section of Suterra, which includes the Agrisense and Trappit trademarks. So, having said farewell to the Agrisense brand in 2012, it’s back again.

In the announcement Curtis Gilmore states these acquisitions provide geographic expansion into the European market. It concludes saying: “The acquisitions offer strategic benefits for the group in providing complimentary product ranges as well as adding two companies with excellent reputations for quality and service.”

The Cryonite business is not part of the Curtis Gilmore acquisition. Silvandersson will continue to market and sell the product outside the USA. In the USA the Cryonite business was spun-out some months ago to form a separate entity, Cryonite USA.

Cecil Patterson, president of B&G Equipment Co, Georgia, USA, said in an interview with Pest Control Technology (PCT) the Agrisense and Silvandersson acquisitions provide B&G with entry into the pheromone and sticky trap business, which B&G views as having great potential, especially in Europe. “Europe limits the use of pesticides so the pheromone and sticky trap business is quite strong there. Most of our efforts will be directed there,” he said.

B&G is known as a manufacturer of quality equipment — an image that B&G will continue to promote — but Cecil noted: “As with many companies, we are looking at international opportunities and these were opportunities to help us expand in the European market.”

Cecil concluded by saying that while it is too early to discuss definitive integration plans, at this point Silvandersson and Agrisense will continue to operate as stand-alone companies.

For those less familiar with Silvandersson they are based in Kná¤red, Sweden. After experimenting with glue the company was founded in 1982. The company went on to develop the world’s first insect trap with dry glue. In 1996 came the development of the Cryonite Just Freeze system and in 2005 the CoreDot application technology for exact coating and adhesive application.

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