SX Environmental hold open day event in Barnsley

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A dreadful accident on the north bound M1 limited the number of visitors from the Midlands to the SX Environmental Products open day at Tankersley Manor, near Barnsley in South Yorkshire on 5 June.

However, the event, which had been added on at fairly short notice to two successful training days held on 3 and 4 June at the same venue, was still felt to be worthwhile. Local South Yorkshire pest controllers called in to chat to the SX team of Mark Wenman, Richard Lamb and Debbie Wilson during the morning and there were pest controllers from points west – Stockport and Manchester and from the east – Lincoln and Kings Lynn when Pest associate editor, Helen Riby, dropped in around lunchtime.

SX field biologist Debbie Wilson had a horrendous drive up from Leicestershire. A journey that normally takes an hour and half, had taken four hours, so she wasn’t surprised that the expected pest controllers travelling from south of the venue hadn’t made it.

But for those that did, just having the opportunity to take some time out and chat to others in the pest management business is always valuable.

David Askey of North West Pest Control Services based near Manchester airport reported loads of call-outs where small white tailed bumble bees were the problem. Does anyone know what species these might be – he’s never come across them before – so please email us if you can help.

Editors note:
Barry Philips from the SX Environmental technical team has contacted us to say that these bees are most likley to be one of two species: ‘White Tailed Bumblebee’ (Bombus lucorum) or the Tree Bumble (Bombus Hypnorum) and that dues to the number of calls SX has received so far this year, his money is on them being the Tree Bumble. Find out more about these and other bees species and how to handle callouts.

Jim Norris, Alan Barlow Mark Wenman
Mark Wenman, right ,discusses the Network range with, centre, Alan Barlow of Mole Control & Pest Services based in King’s Lynn and, left, Alan’s friend, Jim Norris 

Everyone who attended got an SX carrier bag packed full of pest control goodies. Among lots of other useful items was a trigger pack of the new SX Insect Eco.

As Debbie explained: “Insect Eco is a natural pyrethroid with lavender oil. It controls flying and crawling insects, including bed bugs and comes in a ready-to-use trigger spray pack as well as in one and five litre concentrate packs.”

Bigger drums are also available and the addition of lavender oil makes it smell more attractive than other insecticides. The product has already found favour with several large refuse sites in South Yorkshire.

Richard Lamb added: “I hope those who attended agree that it’s been a useful day. We hope to have more open day events around the country in future.”

 David Askey - Ray Woods
Left, David Askey of North West Pest Control
and Ray Woods from Catchpest Clearance,
with their heavy SX ‘goodie’ bags

 Richard Lamb -Ian Savage
SX Environmental’s Richard Lamb, left,
with Ian Savage from LIncoln- based
ILS Pest Control Services

Richard Lamb & Debbie Wilson
From SX Environmental Richard Lamb,
techncial manager for the north and
field biologist, Debbie Wilson

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